New employment:

Morten Seipäjärvi is employed as general manager of GOLDEN AS with effect from 1 February 2019. Morten comes from IPAS AS (formerly known as InstallasjonsPartner AS) as Marketing Director, and has experience among others. from ESYLUX, Sylvania Lumiance and Philips.

As an introduction, he says; "GOLDEN has an exciting concept with several brands in the bag, which I recognize from the Sylvania era, where we also had several brands under the same umbrella. You are not locked into a solution, but can offer a tailor-made solution to your application. , showroom and warehouse in Halden is perfectly located in relation to goods flow into Norway and has sites with opportunities for expansion, with brands such as Venture Lighting (American company with European warehouse in England), GE (now more marketed as Tungsram which was the European factories GE in its time bought up), Airam (Finnish, family-owned company with a comprehensive product portfolio), we have good support within Europe and can offer competitive advantage on projects GOLDEN AS has six employees and unique access to producer goods stocks of about 120 million Focus is on electricians covering segments Home Lighting, Office, Industry, Parking, Road Safety, Agriculture, EX / ATEX, Emergency Light, Tunnel, Carbon, Arena and Area Lighting.

Several of the solutions are adapted to circular economy and are certified as "Cradle-to-Cradle".

In addition to the latest in LED luminaires, GOLDEN also has a large service range with LED light sources and steam lamps (with ballast systems) for use in areas where the time is too early to replace everything to LED or that lighting is integrated in building construction that makes possible upgrading costly. In buildings owned by a player and the tenant want to reduce energy costs up to 90%, we have solutions for a single switch in existing luminaires with E27, E14, E40, G5, G3, GU10, GY5.3 and more.


Phone: +47  94890160